Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Colonial Fight Club print illustration

the first rule about colonial fight club...

The Reluctant Dancer print illustration

a white story that has an unfortunate ending and I think that she knows

Magenta print illustration

ming's magenta army

Degas at the Ballet poster illustration

"Degas - one of the founders of Impressionism and master pugilist - quietly bored at the ballet, secretly hoping that the ballerinas will start swinging at each other."

-some wikipedia

Prone poster illustration

personal piece as a time-out

Growing Up Islam editorial illustration

Editorial illustration for an upcoming graphic design portfolio.

Doing visual communications like this, I favor a hand drawn poster than render work with paints -- want to get the reader visualizing the information before anything else.

Tangled (a play) poster illustration

Boy meets Girl.
Girl kidnaps Boy.
A coffee shop burns to the ground.
A Modern Romance.